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Trip to Europe

Photos: Jocelyne Monette

The Belem is a three-masted barque from France which Jocelyne sailed for several days during her trip to Europe.
This is Le Corentin, a three-mast lug-rigged chasse-marée. It is moored in the Concarneau port. The foremast stepped well forward, she will have set a jib from the bowsprit which is steeved up in this picture. This permits the use of the boom for loading from fishing boats at sea without a need to lie alongside. The latter would require almost calm conditions. Here, the sails are brailed and what looks like a mizen boom is topped up. This is not a normal boom but a bumkin, as it carries the lower block of the mizen sheet, so allowing the mast to be stepped right aft, on the raked sternpost. This permits plenty of sail area, while leaving the boat as short as possible for convenience (and lower dues) in harbour. These French standing lugsail yards are slung further forward than on English luggers, so they require the peak halyards.
Traditional flat bottom wooden small river barge that was used on the river to transport goods. This one is called a gabarre. It can be sailed (usually a square sail) or poled. The picture was taken in Oudon, a small town located on the River Loire.
When fishing boats reached the end of their life, a roof was added and voila! a shed in which fishermen store nets and other gear.